Make your team successful at managing innovation

Get the best out of your team with our workshops

Develop your team’s key skills for facing innovation.

Train your team to be more creative and deliver faster

We train teams to work successfully on innovation projects with a practical approach through the facilitation of in-house innovation processes.

Develop meaningful opportunities for your organization

We help start-up entrepreneurs and project leaders for new ventures to clarify and align their challenges with the organization’s purpose in order to create new business models and value propositions that matter.

Define, ideate, prototype, test and learn

Go from problem to solution in few hours and test the results with real users.

Create better products, services and new ways to influence people’s experiences

We help companies and social enterprises achieve value and impact through innovation by exploring alternatives, prototyping new ideas, testing their vision and learning what works and what doesn’t. See our services.

What we offer

1. Fast-foward workshops

2. Training programs

3. On-demand classes

We help solving the following types of challenges

  • User research for the design of solutions
  • Business model design
  • Organizational and work methodologies design
  • Service and experience design
  • Digital product design
  • Retail design

We work to help you create value and positive impact, activating the key competencies of your team for facing innovation.